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Getting Married! All you need to know in simple steps from anywhere in the world

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

We just got engaged! Now what?

CONGRATULATIONS! A great Celebrant like myself will help you with every step of the process.

There are a few things you should consider booking early, such as your date, your venue, your photographer and, of course, your Celebrant (the MOST important part of the whole ceremony)

I will take the stress out of planning by making all paperwork easy!

Initial steps

Step 1. Get in touch & book free consult

Wherever you are in the world, let's get to know each other and see if I am the perfect celebrant for you.

Your FREE INITIAL CONSULT can be done in person, or via online video chat. With the new online laws, all documentation and ID can be exchanged easily with no fuss.

Call or text me on 0419 977969 or email me Or you can facebook message me at

Even if you don’t have a confirmed date yet, we can still have a chat.

Step 2. Lets meet for your free consult

Tell me your dreams and desires for your perfect dream wedding ceremony. I want to get to know you both and your love story... what makes you click, your ideas and plans, and how you envision your perfect day. I will tune into you both and give you ideas and inspiration that will make your dreams a reality.

We can meet in person or via online video chat!

Step 3. Book your Celebrant Angie Dand @ Sunshine Coast Celebrant .com

If we really like each other, let's get married and book me as your celebrant!

*Once you confirm you would like to book me, I will give you lots of exciting stuff such as my complete checklist and ceremony ideas, and samples of scripting and other goodies.

*You will sign the NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage), which can be done in person, or signed by an appropriate witness anywhere in the world. You can get married in as little as a month, and you will have up to 18 mths to choose a date if you haven't already. All these details can be changed anytime, so it's not locked in stone if "life" happens.

*I will also check your documentation and ID, making all paperwork as easy and stress free as possible.

*I’ll send you an invoice for my booking fee and a complete Marriage Ceremony Questionnaire and Checklist, which will become the Master Running Sheet for the day, with my excellent wedding planning services included for free.

Step 4. Gather your documents

​Once you choose me as your celebrant, I’ll let you know which documents I need.. You will need to prove your identity with photo, and date and place of birth. You can either show me either:

· Your passport, or

· Your birth certificate and your driver’s licence or proof of age card

Don’t panic if you don’t have these documents. There are other acceptable ones, and I can talk you through other options if needed. If you’ve been married before or you’ve changed your name, I may also need to see additional documents, but I will advise you of this.

Step 5. Relax and I will remind you every step of the way

Your perfect dream wedding ceremony is in good hands. I will take care of you over and beyond, as I get just as excited as you do!

Once I receive your questionnaire and plans, I can get creative and tune in to you both as a couple, and start scripting your ceremony. We can have unlimited phone, email or video chats, and the script can be proofread and changed as many times as you want up until the wedding week.


With every fabulous ceremony I create, you will receive a personally designed and framed Commemorative Marriage Certificate handcrafted to your theme, plus a beautiful Ceremony Booklet as a keepsake. I absolutely love this part of the creative process, and you get mementos that will be read and enjoyed for many generations to come.


Leading up to your Wedding

Take as much time as you like to tweak and change things up until a week before the wedding.

I’ll send the draft script to you until it is perfect, and all that’s left for you to do is to get excited.

One month before your Wedding - RELAX I WILL REMIND YOU

Step 1. Check all documentation and proofread details and spelling.

I’ll email everything you need to make sure we have all the right documents and ceremony details.

Step 2. Check and confirm the ceremony details, song choices and scripting

I'll email you the final scripting and master running sheets to be approved, so everyone knows what they are doing.

Step 3. Organise a Rehearsal

I'll arrange a run through of the ceremony, or a full rehearsal, optionally at the venue at the same time of day as the ceremony. That way we can check sun patterns and organise the whole staging of your perfect wedding.

Marriage Ceremony -The big moment you get to marry the love of your life

The Ceremony

Relax I've got you! I’m a professional. It’s my pure honour and pleasure to make sure you are legally married, and have a wonderful Perfect Dream Wedding Ceremony, creating memories to last for generations to come. Everything will have been covered as best as possible, and it's time to relax and enjoy the excitement and flow of the day.

This is the most exciting part! For you, as well as for a great Celebrant like me - I get to create, write, produce and direct a screenplay for a beautiful love story, and we all get to star in the production! It's your most special day, so let's shine. This will be amazing!!!

The Signing

Both of you, your two witnesses and I, will sign three copies of your marriage certificate to make everything official. I will present you with your personally designed Commemorative Certificate and Booklet, lovingly handcrafted to your theme as a keepsake. Once that’s done, you can get awesome photos and it’s time for you to celebrate with your guests!

Optional Extras to consider Consider some extra components to enhance your wedding and keep you and all your guests smiling and entertained.

M.C. Services

I am a fabulous M.C. and will take care of all your needs, such as introducing dinner, speeches, cake cutting and first dance.You can relax and enjoy your day knowing you are in great hands.

Mead and Wine Ceremonies & Toasts

A Wine Ceremony is tailored to your customs and beliefs, and symbolised sweetness in the marriage, fertility and virility! The Bride and Groom share from a sacred goblet, and are blessed and toasted by all their guests.

Perfect as an accompaniment to your ceremony or reception, this is an ancient traditional celebration, enjoyed by many different cultures from all around the world. Sweetened honey wine was the drink of the Gods, and we are invited to share with each other. The couple were given enough honey and wine to last one month after the marriage, and that's where the term "honeymoon" comes from.

This is a great way to finish the ceremony, after being congratulated by your guests, and before you both go off for your photos. Guests can then relax and mingle with a drink in their hand and chat about how amazing your wedding is! Or we can include this at the reception.

Include a Handfasting Ceremony, Ring Warming, Candle Lighting Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, or perhaps involve the kids and the dog

read more.....

After the wedding

Lodging the Paperwork

I will register your marriage with the B.D.M (Births, Deaths & Marriages department) in the state or territory you were married in. I will also apply on your behalf for your official marriage certificate to be sent to you automatically (this will be an additional charge, but only what the BDM charges, currently around $50 AUD depending on your state).

I will check in on you to congratulate you and make sure you have received the official marriage certificate, and answer any questions you may have. I would absolutely LOVE it if you could give me a great Google and Facebook review.

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Congratulations you're Married - Let's keep in touch

I'd love to keep in touch, as you and your family and friends will have many special and important upcoming events in the future, and you will need a great Celebrant.

You can like me on Facebook at and recommend me to your friends. That way, I get to create magical ceremonies to celebrate love, commitment and important life milestones for generations to come.

Other Celebrant Services

I provide awesome ceremonies for every occasion. Heartfelt and meaningful, turn your event into a truly memorable experience with a Celebrant who will take care of you and create your perfect memories that will live on for generations to come.

Baby Naming & Commitment Ceremonies

Bless and name your child, welcome them into their new life, and appoint Guardianship

Vow Renewals and Anniversaries

Say "I do" again with a meaningful ceremony to celebrate your abiding love. Combine them together and get married on your anniversary date.

We can bless your rings, or gift new ones, and seal your union with a special Ring Warming Ceremony, or perhaps a beautiful Hand Fasting Ceremony.

Other Ideas:

*Adoption Ceremonies and Naturalisation

*Birthdays and Graduation Ceremonies

*Naming Ceremonies for change of life or gender

*"Christening" new homes, boats, land and new businesses

*Spiritual Empowerment and Releasing Ceremonies

*Celebrations of Life and Farewells

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